Need Help With Your Technology?

This Spring, several students were given devices to use when we quickly switched to online learning.  We are going to be giving the rest of the students at Hillis a device on Thursday, Sept. 3rd when you come to get your school materials.

A new Student Device Guide will be given to all students at Hillis.  If you received a guide in the Spring, please disregard, it no longer applies.  Please read through the NEW packet thoroughly for detailed information about how to log on to DMPS devices and how to access Teams, Canvas, and student email.

Please click the link below to access the NEW Student Device Guide from the DMPS website.

If you have followed the steps in the guide and are still having trouble:

  • Call the Family Call Center at 515-242-8221.
  • Email for help.
    • Mrs. Boneshefski will get back to you with suggestions.
    • Please be aware that Mrs. Boneshefski is in meetings with co-workers and students, and engaging in professional development at this time as well.  She will respond to you as soon as she can.
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