Hillis Students are Leaders by Setting Goals

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Hillis is beginning the journey in becoming a Leader in Me school.  Leaders set goals and work to reach their goals.  Each class at Hillis sets a goal every month to improve their teamwork.  Students work hard at reaching their goal and they track their progress each day!  Below are the October goals that students decided to work on.  Check out what your student is working on this month!


All students will participate in a virtual field trip at the end of the month to celebrate their hard work.  Classes that meet their goal 10 days out of the month will get to dress up for the virtual field trip.


Mrs. Slinker’s 5th grade

We will have 90% (roughly 6/7) return to our afternoon learning on time at 12:45

Ms. Gajewsky’s 5th grade

We will have 10 (or more) cameras on for 10 days

Mrs. Avon’s 4th grade

We will actively participate in the chat. When asked a question if we have 10 or more students contribute to the conversation, we earn a point

Mr. Suceska’s 4th grade

  1. We will only raise our own virtual hand and mute our own mics.
  2. We will wait until somebody is done talking and their mic is off before speaking.

Mrs. Gilbert’s 4th grade

We will turn cameras on when speaking to anyone in class or small group

Mrs. Krzton-Presson’s 3rd grade

We will have our mic’s muted when asked.

Mrs. Ortiz’s 3rd grade

85% of our class (17 students) will be logged in on time

Mr. Egge’s 2nd grade

We will use proactive behavior at school and at home.  Mr. Egge will count 5 proactive behaviors a day.  Students share 5 proactive behaviors at home.

Ms. Bandy’s 2nd grade

We will only use the buttons on Teams to help us learn.

Mrs. Norgaard’s 1st grade

We will keep our microphones muted when it is not our turn to share or when the teacher is teaching.

Mrs. Riley’s 1st grade

We will try our best by having eyes on the speaker and getting our work done.

Mrs. Venteicher’s 1st grade

We will sit nicely when our cameras are on during learning time so we are able to try our best

Mrs. Belloma’s Kindergarten

We will stay muted during instruction. Mrs. Belloma will give whole class positive praise at least 3 times for staying muted to meet our goal.

Mrs. Hensley’s Kindergarten

We will remember to raise our hand and wait our turn.

Ms. Witte’s Kindergarten

We will to go to specials and come back to class for math.

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