Hillis Students Lead by Setting Goals in Februrary

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Hillis is beginning the journey in becoming a Leader in Me school.  Leaders set goals and work to reach their goals.  Each class at Hillis sets a goal every month to improve their leadership skills.  Students work hard at reaching their goal and they track their progress each day!  Below are the February goals that students decided to work on.  Check out what your student is working on this month!

All students will participate in a drawing party at the end of the month to celebrate their hard work.  Classes that meet their goal 8 days out of the month will get an extra recess.  Check back at the end of the month to see who earned an extra recess!


Mrs. Slinker’s 5th grade

We will take charge of learning by arriving on time and completing assignments.  We will also talk to Mrs. Slinker ahead of time if we have a problem or issue so we can find a solution.

Ms. Gajewsky’s 5th grade

We will keep 3 floor tile squares between us when walking in the hallway

Mr. Draegers’s 5th grade

85% of students will score in yellow or green on XtraMath the last 10 days of the month.

Mrs. Avon’s 4th grade

We will transition within a given time.

Mr. Suceska’s 4th grade


Mrs. Gilbert’s 4th grade

We will do our best raise our hands and wait our turn instead of blurting out in class.

Mrs. Krzton-Presson’s 3rd grade


Mrs. Ortiz’s 3rd grade


Mr. Guerra’s 3rd grade

Every student will participate 10 or more times each day.

Mr. Egge’s 2nd grade

We will talk and share our ideas when it is our turn to talk.

Ms. Bandy’s 2nd grade


Ms. McKay’s 2nd grade


Mrs. Norgaard’s 1st grade

In-person students will keep their masks all day, online students will stay focused by looking at the computer during instruction.

Mrs. Riley’s 1st grade


Mrs. Venteicher’s 1st grade


Mrs. Belloma’s Kindergarten

We will complete our morning routine without the teacher telling us what to do.  1. Put my things in my locker.  2. Eat my breakfast. 3. Clean up my breakfast.

Mrs. Hensley’s Kindergarten


Ms. Witte’s Kindergarten

We will come to all parts of our learning day on time and ready to learn


Mrs. Russel’s Class

We will follow our schedule each day

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