Hillis Students Lead by Setting Goals in April

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Hillis is beginning the journey in becoming a Leader in Me school.  Leaders set goals and work to reach their goals.  Each class at Hillis sets a goal every month to improve their leadership skills.  Students work hard at reaching their goal and they track their progress each day!  Below are the April goals that students decided to work on.  Check out what your student is working on this month!

All students will play BINGO at the end of the month to celebrate their hard work.  Each day that classes that meet their goal, they can put their room number on a giant BINGO board in the hallway!  If their hallway gets a blackout, one room will be drawn to earn an extra party of their choice!

Mrs. Slinker’s 5th grade


Ms. Gajewsky’s 5th grade


Mr. Draegers’s 5th grade


Mrs. Avon’s 4th grade

We will synergize with our classmates by showing respect, knowing each other’s strengths, and participating.

Mr. Suceska’s 4th grade

We will wait until the teacher is don talking before sharing ideas.

Mrs. Gilbert’s 4th grade


Mrs. Krzton-Presson’s 3rd grade


Mrs. Ortiz’s 3rd grade

We will be proactive and control our voices in class so that there are 10 or fewer blurt outs in one day.  We will raise our hand if we have something to say.

Mr. Guerra’s 3rd grade


Mr. Egge’s 2nd grade


Ms. Bandy’s 2nd grade


Ms. McKay’s 2nd grade


Mrs. Norgaard’s 1st grade

We will practice habit 5 by using whole body listening and only speaking when it’s our turn.

Mrs. Riley’s 1st grade

We will use habit 5 to listen and follow directions.

Mrs. Venteicher’s 1st grade


Mrs. Belloma’s Kindergarten

We will only report adult-sized problems to the teacher.  We will solve kid-sized problems on our own.

Mrs. Hensley’s Kindergarten

We will follow HALLS

Ms. Witte’s Kindergarten


Mrs. Russel’s Class


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