The Hillis Garden and FoodCorps

Snip FoodCorpsHillis partners with FoodCorps to give students the opportunity to connect with healthy foods in school. When students lead healthier lives, they are better able reach their full potential. AmeriCorps FoodCorps leaders deliver their program in high-need schools, focusing on hands-on lessons, healthy school meals, and encouraging a school-wide culture of health.

The Hillis Garden is the PERFECT place for this program to blossom, bloom, spout, you know…GROW!

During hands-on lessons, titled “Pick A Better Snack,” students try a healthy snack and may even learn how to cook and garden with foods they have grown and prepared themselves. Students are also involved in a cafeteria environment which allows students to pick healthy options and gets them excited to try new foods.

Have a particularly GREEN THUMB and a bit of free time? We would love to have your assistance maintaining our beautiful garden space. CLICK HERE to complete a short DMPS volunteer application and reach out to our FoodCorps Coordinator!


FoodCorps Coordinator: Heidi Slinker


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